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White Shepherd Puppies

We are happy to announce, that Bella has just given birth to eight White German Shepherd puppies !
Their parents are purebred long haired white german shepherds. Both of them were born in Germany and
are registered at the German kennel club VDH.
Our puppies enjoy the freedom and the natural environment of our ranch, without any cages or
kennels and have access to our house at all times.
The environment, in which a puppy is born and the treatment it receives have an important influence
on its character development: Our puppies live
together with us, they are not confined to a cage
and they are treated like family members.
They enjoy the companionship with us in our home
and, therefore, begin to socialize from an early age.
Our puppies will be dewormed and will receive their first vaccinations, as well as an health exam and regular check-ups in preparation for their health certificate.
Long haired white german shepherds are rare, but to find a long haired white german shepherd puppy, which is born in an appropriate environment can be difficult.
On request the puppies and their parents can be seen live on webcam via Skype.
For further questions, please contact us and if you are interested in one of these precious puppies, please fill out our PUPPY APPLICATION.
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